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Rachael Schultz

Rachael Schultz

Brooklyn, NY

I'm a freelance writer.

Wheelhouse: Health, nutrition, fitness, psychology, and relationships Published: Men's Health magazine, Best Life magazine, online for Men's Health, Shape, Outside, Prevention, and SELF

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Open uri20140528 26885 17lvoih article
Can a Green Smoothie Change Your Life?

A new documentary suggests that adding a green smoothie to your diet is enough to transform your body. Do the claims stand up?...

Woman running fall 700 article
How Running Can Curb Your Cravings

Kiss cravings goodbye with a sweat session. Your workout may make it easier to say “no” to bad-for-you foods, according to new research.

Drinking article
The Truth about Your Drinking Habits

Is boozing a few nights a week just part of our culture, or a sign of a bigger problem?

Open uri20140528 32571 1wu7jmt article
5 Foods You’re Not Eating Correctly

Even if you opt for whole foods packed with vitamins and minerals, simple mistakes in the kitchen could be sapping them of their health benefits.

Getty 121385894 whitewineglass cindyloughridge article
2 Ridiculously Tasty Ways To Boost Your Memory

Hands-down best news of the week: Light to moderate drinking can actually help people over 60 improve their memory, according to a new study.

Open uri20140528 23573 146w4iz article
The New Rules of Protein

How much, what kind, and when? Time to question (only some of) what you know about fueling up.

Open uri20140601 19063 ffhfl0 article
Cynical? You May Be Hurting Your Brain Health -

People with high levels of cynical distrust may be more likely to develop dementia, according to a new study in Neurology.

Open uri20140528 30538 cppco0 article
Apples Are Not a Health Risk

Europe banned chemical-covered produce; should we follow suit?

Eating alone 700 article
Is Eating Alone Good for Your Body?

The age of gathering ‘round the dinner table may be officially over. Are we better off eating unaccompanied?

Open uri20140528 32571 ngd824 article
4 Facebook Secrets to Keep You Safe

Here are four Facebook tips to protect your privacy—and dignity.

Free workout 700 article
The Top 21 Free Fitness Classes in America

Gyms and fitness studios may help trim your body fat, but they’ll probably take a chunk of your bank account along with it. So put your wallet away and lace up your shoes: We’ve rounded up 21 of our favorite classes and community-organized sweat sessions from around the country—all offered to you at no cost at all.

Open uri20140707 14960 pwupmn article
The Surprising Way Vegetarians May Be Ruining Their Workouts

When you’re meat-free and a gym rat, you’re used to a barrage of people trying to convince you you’re not getting enough protein. Truth is, you probably have your daily count under control (soy milk!...

Porn search article
Are You a Sex Addict . . . or Just a Guy?

At what point do your kinky cravings become problematic? Researchers suggest the tipping point

Open uri20140528 16964 1vl2jxb article
Are Extroverts Really Better Off?

Coming out of your shell could make you happier—and richer

Open uri20140601 19063 jfr9rl article
The Male Brain On: Porn

The more porn men watch, the smaller and less active regions of their brain handling reward and motivation are.